'To be loved by you'

behind the song

In 12 years of writing songs for myself, other artists, working on film scores and tv supervision i've never actually sold an original song of my own, under my own name. 

I know, it's ridiculous. But on the 29th of March I finally bit the bullet (with a lot of convincing).

I was so anxious to share this song. So few people had actually heard it prior to release.

I wrote a stack of songs for an EP and decided to originally sell the songs off to other artists. From the moment a few key people heard this song however, they were insistent that I keep it for myself and release it. So after sitting on it for almost 18 months, here we are.

I love reading about the background of how a song came to be, so I thought i’d offer some insight into this track.

This song is a very personal bitter sweet anthem for love lost and the rollercoaster that life provides following it. The journey from lust to love, from grief to anger, then to simple strangers that each become a fading memory. It’s also about being able to feel happiness for that person and the love you once shared.

For me this was my first relationship, of which ten years have now past since and both of us have found happiness elsewhere. I wanted to spell out those stages of grief that come from gaining, losing and reflecting on a relationship.

I usually say 'I don't do happy songs'. I may have to eat my words ever so slightly here.

The song is a ballad but it was written with the intention that I can now only reflect on this person with happiness and an appreciation for what we had both gained from that time in our lives.

It was wriiten very quickly. In about 15 minutes in fact. I sat in front of my piano at about 3am one morning and it just poured out of me. I took it to the studio and played it for my talented friend Mr Jeremy Fowler. I played it once and we recorded it in the couple of hours that followed.

People tend to have a bizarre reaction to this song. Of the friends I have sat with whilst it played (which makes me incredibly uncomfortable to do by the way…) They all seem to sit staring blankly ahead, without a word whilst listening.

I hope that they are thinking of that one person they shared a similiar journey with. I hope that in the chords and the harmonies they find comfort. 

I decided I couldn't hear another artist sing this song, I had to share it. 

And so, 'To be loved by you' is available worldwide on Spotify, iTunes and every other digital platform that you can think of. 

This song means a great deal to me and I hope that wherever it goes, it can mean a great deal to someone else too.

lizzy hodgins