Get to know me


Full name
Elizabeth Hodgins

Zodiac sign

3 fears
Failure, Regret, Losing people I love

3 things I love
Music, Family, Good food

Last song I listened to
At Last- Etta James

3 Turn ons
Good manners, A sense of Humour, A man in a suit

3 Turn offs
Disrespect, Lack of ambition, Lack of tollerance

How many tattoos/piercings do I have
Just my ears - Piercings that is.

Something I really want
To reach a level of success that allows me to consistently spoil / give to those I love.

My favourite movie
Anything by Nancy Meyers (Mostly because of the interiors). I'll honestly watch anything though, except for sappy dramatic romantic films. My least favourite film of all time is The Notebook. (I know this is sin in girl world, i'm sorry females everywhere).

3 Things that upset me
Negativity in anyway, seeing people I love in pain, People who go out of their way to make something difficult.

3 Things that make me happy
Music, Creativity, Tea!

What I find attractive in other people
Ambition, Passion, Intelligence

Something I miss
Being a kid- someone else was in charge of my hair! 

My favourite holiday
Christmas - always Christmas.

Someone famous I’d date
I have a huge crush on John Krasinski.

A confession
I'm terrible at letting people in.

3 Things that annoy me easily
People who bite their finger nails, when people don't respond to calls or texts, tardiness. 

Where I work
Sometimes in Sydney... Sometimes in Newcastle... Sometimes in America. 

My future goals
I'd like to work on a Nancy Meyer's film for music supervision / score. I'd like to do a personal artist project and have it be successful. I'd like to write and collaborate with a few of my favourite artists. I'd like to grow and expand my business to a point where it becomes successful internationally. I'd like to be involved in property / property development and I'd like to consistently make those around me happy.

Something I fantasise about
Spending a full year traveling to different cities for work - working remotely.

My favourite food
Food in general... Give me a great cheese platter and i'm a happy girl.

Places to call home
Newcastle, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, Melbourne

My idea of the perfect date
It doesn't matter what we do, it just matters who I'm with.

One word that describes me