Before 9am

Routine can become quite mundane in many aspects of life but it is also the secret to creating healthy habits.

I'm not an early riser by any means. My day usually starts at 8am after falling asleep at around 3am each night. Yes I know I'm crazy - but i'm also a creative.

I thought i'd outline my morning routines and what they look like. From skincare, to mindfulness and breakfast (or lack there of). 

When I wake at 8am I roll over and check my phone to see what I've missed on the other side of the world whilst I was asleep. I hit my emails, instagram and then twitter to read world news / trending events. I'll highlight any emails that need immediate attention but won't write back until I get to my desk at 9am.

My brain can be a chaotic place, so I try to practice mindfulness as often as possible.

Before my feet hit the ground, I take a moment to think about one thing that I'm grateful for. This is something that I've only been doing for about the past 12 months but it keeps my mind present and starts my day on a positive note.

I'll then move to the bathroom to wash my face with cold water and start my morning skincare routine. 

I start with Clinique Laser Repair Serum on my forehead to combat those fine lines, followed by two Clinique Moisture Surge products, one after the other. I'll finish with a Natio eye cream which has a fleck of shimmer in it to combat my dark circles. 

From there I'll change into my outfit that i've usually picked the night before and then move straight on to my makeup.

My makeup routine is very simple day to day.

It consists of concealer, some highlighter and some mascara. I never wear foundation - in fact I actually haven't ever owned one. Even when I have my makeup done it feels much too heavy on my skin, so I prefer to go without. 

Once my makeup is done, I throw some dry shampoo in my hair and pop my hair into a bun at the back or on the top of my head. Wearing my hair out takes extra effort and who has time for that?

I'll then venture out to the kitchen and turn the kettle on for a cup of tea. 

I'm not a breakfast person - AT ALL. But I try to have something small to get my metabolism going. Whilst in America I'd have a half a bagel with butter and Vegemite (you can take the girl out of Australia...). In Aus I tend to go for fruit or a small oat biscuit. I wish I could say that I love having porridge with cinnamon and banana... but i'm not that 'health inspired living girl'... sorry.

I take my tea and breakfast snack to my desk where I'm ready for 9am emails and the agenda that I've constructed the evening before. I'm a huge list maker, my life revolves around organisation and planning.

bed side.jpg

I'm also a huge fan of all things Elizabeth and James. If you're unfamiliar with the brand itself, it's the sister brand to The Row - by The Olsen twins. The perfume and dry shampoo are a regular in my beauty routine. You can see them above sitting by my bedside in LA, in amongst jewellery and makeup brushes.

And that's all there is to my simple morning routine! My weekend mornings don't differ too greatly to this. Perhaps a bit more of a sleep in and a brunch with friends at 11am.

What do you do before 9am?


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