June Goals

I'm a planner, a list maker, a vision board addict and a goal orientated gal. I shared my yearly goals at the beginning of January and I've been checking them off my list as the year goes by.

I thought I'd now share my goals for THE MONTH of june and how I intend to achieve them. IT's important to write your goals down, but even more vital to break down the steps it takes to achieve them.

each of my top 6 stem from my yearly goals.

Here are my 6 goals for June:
1. Reach my business' yearly financial target by June 30. 
2. Stretch 5 days a week in the morning or evening.
3. Lose 2 kgs + detox my body (I over indulged with weddings and too much socialising in April / May, so a small detox is in order).
4. Get part 1 + 2 of 6 done for a project I'm working on.
5. Go sugar free Mon - Thurs
6. Book my New York accommodation

And now for the break down of how these will be achieved:
1. Reach my business' yearly financial target by June 30.

  • Finish remaining 3 projects for june with clients.

2. Stretch 5 days per week

  • add stretches to both my morning and evening for 6-7 minutes each time beginning Thursday June 1st.

3.  Lose 2 kgs + detox my body

  • under take a three day detox in the month of june that involves lots of water, no carbs, no sugar, no processed foods and no dairy.
  • Go sugar free mon-thurs, in line with goal (5)

4.  Get part 1 + 2 of 6 done for a project I'm working on.

  • begin may 31st.
  • contribute to project 5 days a week in order to get it completed.

5. Go sugar free Mon - Thurs

  • stay away from refined sugars and anything high in natural sugars as well mon-thurs beginning mon june 5th.

6. Book my New York accommodation

  • book accom by end of month.

And that's it! What are your monthly goals? I always find it helps to stick them somewhere where you can see them on a daily basis. that way they are A constant reminder of the work that needs to be put in, in order to successfully achieve your goals.

TOP 6: JUNE 2017