An organised wardrobe


I recently did a complete clean out and overhaul of my wardrobe. I was quite ruthless and decided that from here on out I would follow a few simple rules when it came to my closet. Staple pieces would stay, but statement pieces I would wear a few times and on sell or give away so that they didn't sit in my closet for two years to follow. If you're looking to organise your wardrobe, these are the rules I live by. 


If you haven't worn it in 12 months, give it to someone else who will.

This starts with an initial clean out. I was once told that if you hold an object in your hand and you find that you don't 'need it, use it or love it' you should part ways with it.

One thing in, one thing out.

When I buy a new staple item like a white tee for instance, I'll get rid of an older one that may have had it's day. This also applies to statement pieces that I've already worn with different groups of friends multiple times.

Sell your statement pieces of clothing after you've worn them a couple of times.

With new items that are statement pieces I now pop on depop or ebay to on sell after I've worn them a couple of times. Someone else may as well get use out of the outfit rather than it sitting in my closet until I eventually give it away. With something that is basically new, it's much more economical for me to sell it and get some money back for it, to use on new statement piece purchases. This way my closet is constantly updated and kept organised as well.

When you buy something new, picture how it could be used in three different outfits.

This is an important thought to have when making purchases. I only began to employ this tactic in the last 12 months. I try to think about three variations of an outfit that I can create when I make a new purchase. Of course there are exceptions to the rule with items like dresses - but keep in mind that most things can be dressed up or dressed down.

Organise by the season

I take all my coats and heavy jackets out of my closet and pop them into another one during the summer months.  It makes my wardrobe feel much more organised and keeps it decluttered during the warmer months. Swimwear, shorts and singlet tops usually go into hiding over the winter months. I rotate my wardrobe once every six months to cater for the seasons. 

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