A beach picnic

My favourite thing about the summer time is the spontaneity of the afternoons & evenings - the unplanned moments become magical.

January in Australia means holidays for most people. The sun is blazing hot, the water is tepid and bikinis are ready to come out to play.

Spending an evening on the beach when it's 40 degrees outside (celsius for my American friends) with good food and even better company is my idea of bliss on a mid-summer's day. 

Along with three of my beautiful girlfriends, we loaded up the car with goodies, drove to our favourite beach and set up for the afternoon and evening. 

We made a simple cheese platter with breads, raspberry infused sparkling water, some sweet and salty popcorn and a little fruit to satisfy the cheese induced coma that we put ourselves in by the end of the evening.

It was one of those moments where I couldn't help but think how truly happy and grateful I was to have such beautiful people in my life and to live in such a pictures' place.

I used a white linen throw, a white crate, as well as some linen and suede pillows to create a comfy place for us to lay as the afternoon turned into evening. A few ceramic bowls, plates, a wooden cheese board and a white round tray, some beautiful copper mugs (courtesy of my beautiful best friend Nicole) and wooden cutlery to be in-keeping with the beach theme, which also happened to be very easy to dispose of once we were done. The majority of these items were purchased from H&M home and Kmart. It was a very inexpensive, fun way to spend an evening on the beach. I'm already planning my next beach picnic adventure.