Hi there, and thanks for stopping by!
I'm Lizzy; an Australian songwriter, music supervisor, composer, creative director and brand stylist.

I know that sounds like quite a lot but i love that i get to do a multitude of things with my life. I've spent the last ten years creating music in Australia and the US, working with corporate Communications teams, starting my own business and somehow (in amongst the chaos) studying degrees in LAW AND Communications.

I feel so fortunate to have songwriting as a creative and emotional outlet. I first stepped into a recording studio when i was a teenager and i haven't looked back since. my music has taken me to wonderful places, working with incredibly talented people. people of whom i only ever dreamt of working with - evidently it seems dreams sometimes CAN come to fruition, much to this small town girl's disbelief.  I spend most evenings sitting at my piano, scribbling notes onto paper and singing melodies into my phone. I don't know what life would be like without it. I remember writing my first ever song at 8 years old, it was the best song i've ever written (*probably / definitely not true at all). But it opened up a world of escape and catharsis for me that even at a young age i somehow felt in need of.

I've 'yo yo'd' forwards and backwards to los angeles quite a few times and gradually learn't to love the city of dreams. It took me quite a while to understand the complex characters that live within the tree lined streets, manic freeways and many trader joes. I lived next to a man that once told me that 'if you have a horse in LA, you've made it in life' and that 'he was going to propose to his girlfriend who didn't know they had been dating in his mind for two years'. Yep, characters. (*i should totally write a country song called 'i've got a horse, let's get married' - note to self). These strange experiences became somewhat normal and allowed me to appreciate not only how sheltered my childhood was but the canvas that la paints. obscure, beautiful in a somewhat broken manner and dynamic - in a way that only a city centred on entertainment could ever be. iT'S All of that and the place where every beautiful and popular person from your high school (and every other high school all over the world) go to meet, eat kale and talk about how much 'buzz' is surrounding them.


After completing my degree back in australia, I started my OWN company Basic Black Creative in 2013. I always wanted to create a company that encompassed the things i was most passionate about, something that would evolve with me and the people i work with along the way. Basically We style brands and create digital content like websites for boutique and luxury brands. Additionally i sometimes work on score and music supervision for movie and tv projects with a larger team outside of my business. I'm also about to begin my masters in global law and media (BECAUSE I'M A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT / A HUGE NERD).

I suppose that's just about everything you need to know. iF THERE'S ANYTHING ELSE, FEEL FREE TO ASK! i'M HONOURED THAT YOU FOUND ME AND GOT TO THE END OF THIS ABOUT SECTION. Whether you've heard one of my songs on Spotify, seen a brand or a website I created or popped over because you found me on youtube or instagram, thank you so much for taking the time out to get to know me a little better! And Don't be afraid to say hello ANY TIME! I'd love to hear from you! 


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